jui_datagrid is an Ajax-enabled jQuery plugin, useful to manipulate database data in tabular format.

jui_datagrid is free and Open Source under MIT license.

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bs_grid New

A Bootstrap compatible datagrid plugin (bs_grid) is available.


Current version: 0.9.1 (18 Oct 2013) Read the CHANGELOG.


  • Display tabular data
  • CSS based themes compatible with jQuery-UI Theming
  • Multiple instances in same page
  • Get data in JSON format using AJAX (any server-side technology)
  • Change columns order
  • Show/hide columns
  • Style columns
  • Flexible data sorting
  • Single or multi-select rows
  • Powerful pagination
  • Powerful filters (Query builder)
  • Column value conversion using javascript (or server side) function
  • Preferences dialog available to user
  • Debug mode available
  • Localization